About Will

"Why" Will

  • Will is a part of overall Wealth and Financial Planning

  • Will allows you to distribute wealth as per Your Wishes or else it will be distributed as per personal succession Law like Hindu Law, Christian Law etc.

  • Through a Will a family can avoid fights, de-bonding, legal cases

  • Will can ensure smooth business succession

  • NRI should make a Will as per Indian laws for their Indian assets to avoid taxes on wealth inheritance as per foreign laws

"What" is a Will

  • Will is a written document declaring your wishes to distribute (bequeath) your properties after your demise.

  • Will and succession laws are different for different religions like Hindu Law, Christian Law, Parsi Law, Muslim law etc.

  • If NRI prepares a Will combining assets in foreign country as well as India, there are chances of heavy taxes as well as applicability of succession laws of foreign country. It is recommended to prepare a separate Will for all India based properties as per Indian laws.

"How" Will is made

  • Will can be made on a plain paper – typed or handwritten. No stamp paper is required. Registration of a Will is not mandatory.

  • Will can be made in any language covering details of Person, Family, All Assets, Wishes etc. duly signed by the testator and two witnesses.

  • Will can be made by self, or with the help of a legal professional or online from a reputed online Will portal which has a team of legal professionals.